Judith Hamann is a cellist currently based between Melbourne/San Diego. Her performance practice stretches across various genres encompassing elements of improvised, art, experimental, and popular music. Currently her work is focused on expressions of immersion and saturation: explored through durational, spatialised and electroacoustic approaches to sound.

She has performed widely with festivals including Tectonics (Glasgow, Adelaide, Tel Aviv), UnSound (NYC), Adelaide Arts Festival, Melbourne International Arts Festival, The Now Now (Sydney), Dark Mona (Hobart), Extremities Japanese Australian Festival (Tokyo),

She is a champion of new and rarely performed music, immersive approaches to sound, and engages with a range of interdisciplinary and experimental projects including the Amper&nd project (South Korea/Australia), and collaborative work with visual artists Keith Deverell and Sabina Marselli. She has been an artist in residence at Tokyo Wondersite Aoyama, and Q-02 (Brussels).