Tura Embedded offers a unique opportunity for donors (of $5,000+) to have a lived-in experience of one of Tura’s Regional Programs, becoming steeped in the practice and witnessing the cultural outcomes of those Programs – this is embedded philanthropy.

In 2019, Tura Embedded will offer five opportunities for Champion* and above donors.

* Champion donors contribute at a level of $5,000.

Tura Embedded 2019

Tura Embedded is an ongoing program creating a unique philanthropic opportunity to support access to world class cultural programs to some of the remotes communities in Australia.

Tura’s annual Touring Program through the Kimberley gathers some of Australia’s finest musicians into enthralling ensembles performing and presenting in magical locations.

As part of Tura New Music’s annual Regional Touring Program, Tura offers the opportunity for a very limited number of donors to travel with a section of the Tour and experience incredible cultural events in this amazing part of the world.

Tura Embedded program allows Tura donors to travel embedded with the artists and crew throughout the Kimberley. For a fixed price above a minimum donation, Tura Travellers have premium concert packages, special side trips exploring the Kimberley, unique cultural events with the touring entourage, all travel and accommodation and a once in a lifetime experience.

For full details and enquiries please contact Tos Mahoney, Artistic Director, Tura New Music